Saturday, February 1, 2020

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 90

Marketing - Essay Example The last thing the speaker highlighted is logistics, which will determine how the product reaches the consumer. Customers would prefer a product that is always at their disposal, and transport plays a significant role in ensuring that consumers have the product when they need them. The video by Komisar explains how the companies deal with the failures as this is what determines their survival. Komisar also explains that innovation is about taking the risk of what has not been done before so as to satisfy the ever-changing customer needs. Company’s which take risks, so as to satisfy customers’ have to be more keen on the customer’s ever changing products in the in the market. The video by Fiorina explains that leadership and skills comprise of three things, ability, character and collaboration. Ability is about the entrepreneurs’ skills and experiences that make them successful in their ventures. Fiorina explains how more skilled and experienced entrepreneurs will succeed in the business sphere. The most successful companies will always rely on more experienced and skilled personnel. The speaker also explains how the character of an entrepreneur is vital in running the business to make it successful. Good character will attract business in the company in a very short period hence promoting the good reputation of the companies’ name. Fiorina explains collaboration as partnering of two entrepreneurs’ or companies with the intent of producing one or two commodities that will suit customers’ needs. The biggest take away from the videos is the aspect of taking risk in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. According to the Komisar, in the video titled â€Å" Biggest Success are often Bred from Failures† entrepreneurs should be more innovative and ready to take risks to satisfy their customers’ needs. I saw this is a big lesson and a challenge in my future endeavors in regards to any venture I may

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